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Welcome to MediMint

Seamless & Instant Medical Image Sharing

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Hacker Proof


For Faster, Patient-Empowered Care

MediMint is the first blockchain-powered medical image sharing platform that allows patients and providers instant access to medical images. MediMint liberates medical data from centralized constraints, offering a future-proof and patient-centric alternative to current solutions. Easily share medical images with doctors, specialists, and care teams through the power of decentralization. 


Join the Healthcare Revolution

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For Providers

Join us in setting the next standard for interoperability, security, and empowerment in healthcare.


Revolutionary Efficiency 

MediMint streamlines workflows by securely releasing medical images digitally to patients with no change management. You can empower your patients to take charge of their healthcare journey. 

Unparalleled Interoperability

For the first-time, you can securely share medical images with providers from any network through direct peer-to-peer data sharing. In seconds, you can retrieve medical imaging directly from other providers without having to worry about a third-party. 

Tamper-Proof Data Management

MediMint enables the most robust and highest security standards, so you can view and share your patient's images at any time.  As the first completely tamper-resistant and transparent medical image sharing solution, MediMint enables you to see exactly what is happening to data at any time. 

For Patients

Take complete ownership of your health and own your healthcare journey with us. 


See Why MediMint Matters

"For me, having an easier way to share medical image data would have been life saving. I got vertigo and received an MRI, which "came back normal". I asked for a copy of my records and the CD came after an entire week. I took these to a second opinion and was diagnosed with a brain bleed. I was immediately rushed to the emergency room, so I know MediMint could certainly save lives." 

Ally L. 

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

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